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Frequently Asked Questions

Do the needles hurt?
This is by far the most frequently asked question! It’s understandable, given the experience most of us have had with shots, but acupuncture needles are nothing like hypodermic needles. They are very thin, just a few hairs width, and they are not hollow like hypodermic needles. They are designed to slide through tissue without cutting, so there is usually very little pain with needling an acupuncture point. Only single use, disposable, sterile acupuncture needles are used in our practice. There may be a slight pinch, feeling of numbness or tingling, when a point is needled. This sensation passes quickly. Many patients actually fall asleep with the needles in!

What are acupuncture points?
Vital life or energy, called “Qi” in Chinese medicine, flows through channels or meridians in the body. At certain places Qi comes close to the surface. These are the acupuncture points. The Qi at an acupuncture point can more easily be influenced.
How do you know which acupuncture points to treat?
A comprehensive assessment, called a “Traditional Diagnosis,” is done before treatment begins. A treatment plan is devised based on this diagnosis. Specific points are selected in accordance with the treatment plan.
How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments needed varies from individual to individual. The severity of the imbalance, how long it has been going on, the constitution of the patient and any medications being used are just a few of the variables involved. Most of the time weekly treatments are needed for several weeks to begin to establish balance. Frequency of treatment is then tailored to the individual needs of the patient. The Chinese medicine rule of thumb is that one month of treatment will be needed for every year the condition has been in place.
Does insurance cover acupuncture?
Many health insurance plans do cover acupuncture. As plans vary widely, you should check with your company to see what your specific policy covers. Our office does not bill insurance companies directly. However, we can provide you with an itemized receipt with proper insurance coding that you can submit for reimbursement, apply to a health savings account or use for tax deduction purposes

Featured Testimonial

Every time I visit Acupoint Acupunture I have a wonderful experience. The atmosphere is complete peace and tranquility. The concern for my well being is evident from the moment i walk thru the door, during my treatment, and while I am leaving. My treatments are never rushed, even when it is taking longer than planned. Somehow she still manages to stay on schedule. The office is always quiet, clean and comfortable. Michele's knowledge is amazing, and she has treated my issues with great success.